Terms & conditions

The General requirements of business at www.elenasenicar.si are made in accordance with laws on consumer protection (ZVPot) and based on references of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and international codes for web and electronic business.

This website (www.elenasenicar.si) is managed by Elenas d.o.o., Mariborska cesta 86, 3000 Celje, and operates based on the general terms and conditions of ZVPot.


Customers will receive confirmation on all orders as soon as the service provider receives the order. The sales contract between the customer and the provider is concluded as soon as the provider confirms the customers’ order. All orders placed at www.elenasenicar.si must include the customers’ basic information: first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number, shipping address (street address, town, zip code). Keep in mind that conclusive information helps the ordering and shipping process run smoother.


Outside of Slovenia, payment is only available through a Proforma invoice or by Credit card.


Shipments are normally delivered in 1-2 weeks for EU countries, and 4-6 weeks for non-EU countries. All shipments are handled and delivered by the GLS delivery company (EU countries) or The postal office of Slovenia (non-EU). Shipping costs are as per price list of the delivery company. Elenas d.o.o., is not responsible for any potential shipping delays caused by the delivery company. Elenas d.o.o. does reserve the right to change the delivery provider in order to improve and/or optimize the shipping process.


The registration process at www.elenasenicar.si is only necessary when placing orders in the online shop section of the website. We commit ourselves to user discretion, customer data will in no case be passed on to a third party. All customer information we obtain are easily accessible by the customers through the personal profile they have set up on the website.


Customers have the right to return all shipments within 15 days after they receive them. Any return costs are covered by the customer. Customers are obliged to contact us (elenas.doo@gmail.com) about any potential reclamations beforehand. Reclamations are not possible without the appropriate receipt. Elenas d.o.o. is bound to return any payments in a period of 15 days after the reclamation terms and conditions have been met.  


Elenas d.o.o. is not responsible for any disruption of the service resulting from the conduct of the user (for example, your computer is infected with viruses) or delivery providers or infrastructure that is used by the services of the online store www.elenasenicar.si (e.g., loss of the operation of the Internet).