Meditation training for breaking free from the past

Release yourself from your past by performing spiritual training for a healthy body.. If we want to bring health and happiness into our lives, we first need to break free from the shackles that bind us to our past and imprison us in a state of negativity. Before and after the meditation session you will feel amazing, for by applying this method you shall be making an incredible step toward attaining inner peace. Every end is a new beginning and an integral part of the light that shines the way. Turn within and extract all that is god about the things that make you happy.


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The book is written in a warm, attractive and easy-to-read style. Through the life story of its author, it presents the world of spirituality, which although is concealed to our eyes, represents the essence of our human experiences. I enjoyed reading it immensely, recognised many a deep (sometimes surprising) truth, and occasionally asked myself, “Is this really possible”, other times it brought tears to my eyes. I definitely recommend it!