Energy Pendant for animals ElenaS

The energy pendant protects the animal’s biofield from bad vibrations and negative frequencies. It stimulates the immune system, reduces stress and gives them the energy for a long and healthy life.

Animals do not understand language, but they can feel and perceive energy. The ElenaS Energy Pendant compensates their lost energy by triggering its flow, which also returns the animal’s inner balance and stimulates its body to begin to the self-healing process.

ElenaS Energy Jewellery is made of the cleanest materials - silver and brilliant. The power of crystals has a healing effect on your health, reduces the symptoms of stress, strengthens your immune system, and cleanses and purifies your body, as well as raises your body’s frequency level. The most perfected of them is the brilliant. The brilliant is strong and acts as a laser to regenerate your energy. The brilliant protects you from negative environments and creates a shield around you that prevents negative energy from penetrating your mental body. Silver is a precious metal with the chemical element “Ag”, which derives from the Latin word for silver - argentum. In the past the word also meant ‘money’. It is valued for its maximum thermal and electrical conductivity of all metals and antimicrobial properties.

The products carry the certificate of silver and brilliant quality issued by Zlatarna Celje. ElenaS Energy Jewellery can be bought only at ElenaS, d.o.o.


  • Silver 925/000




270,00 €


The book is written in a warm, attractive and easy-to-read style. Through the life story of its author, it presents the world of spirituality, which although is concealed to our eyes, represents the essence of our human experiences. I enjoyed reading it immensely, recognised many a deep (sometimes surprising) truth, and occasionally asked myself, “Is this really possible”, other times it brought tears to my eyes. I definitely recommend it!