It brings happiness into your home (In domum felicitas), happiness to the soul (In animam felicitas), and happiness into your relationships (In necessitudines felicitas).

Jingle the bell three times. It is advisable to do so at sunrise. The three crystals engraved on the bell symbolise the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We take the bell by the stick/handle (either hand will do) and jingle it. If the crystals are spinning on the inside of the bell or if it chimes, it means that our wish (prayer) will be heard, for a vibration is triggered.

The vibration of this bell will remove the negative information from the room and, through the vibration of the sun crystal, will stimulate the vibration of happiness and positivity.

The sun crystal triggers happiness and positive energy through the vibration.

The sun's stone radiates gold, solar energy, which brings joy to us and strengthens faith in happiness. The sun crystal belongs to the third chakra – the solar plexus, which raises self-confidence, reduces the feeling of inferiority, infuses optimism and protects us against negative energies and fear.

The sun crystal bell will bring happiness and abundance in every sense of the word.


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