“People are like pencils, we each write our own story.”

In their everyday life, we are confronted with problems of the environment in which we live in, and this affects and directs our decision-making process. Sometimes we are confused and wonder whether the decision we’ve made was the correct one. People who know us will always try to present us with advice they themselves would follow. Then, to add do the confusion, we seek a third, unknown person who might be able to offer some beautiful, wise and different solutions to life’s queries. We often enter the state of confusion that is in some way or another connected to our relationships, family, children, a job, co-workers, friends, and parents, all the while seeking wise and useful advice. Through interpreting their biofields, I can feel the burden a particular person is carrying, yet I do not possess the right to alter his or her karma or destiny, but can only advise them on what would be the best solution to a present problem. The decisions themselves can only be taken by the individual him or herself.

We are living three separate lives: the first is the one we reveal to the public, the second to our family, and the third is a mystery, known only to us and no one else. We all have a skeleton in the closet that is connected to our specific way of thinking and belief system. My job is to extract this misconception and present an individual with a different angle, which can allow the person to observe the situation from another perspective and realise they themselves possess the solution. It is important to know how to explain to a person why it is important for him or her to resolve a certain problem that might be plaguing them. I do not have a magic wand and I cannot change your life overnight – only you have the power to alter your perception and thus change your life for the better. People are like pencil, we each write our own story. Some sharpen, some become blunt and others continue scribbling. My role is that of a pencil sharpener – if you break, I’ll sharpen you.