A BOOK OF ENERGY Perception is Power

In her book Perception is Power, Elena Sofia Seničar tells her fascinating life story and presents the mysteries, teachings, visions and insights that she has acquired by working in the field of energy therapy, with which she successfully helps her clients by offering them protection and support with her own line of energy jewellery and meditation sessions.

I can give you a hint – the book you are holding in your hands will radically change you and enrich your life in unimaginable ways. Perception is Power is unique, includes a bit of theory, numerous practical tips and solutions that can undeniably be applied in everyday life.

Elena Sofia Seničar's message to her readers: Perception is power!

The book contains more than 200 encoded codes that influence the unconscious level of the person, they encourage positive thinking and faster orientation in any life situation.


  • Hardcover




54,00 €


The book is written in a warm, attractive and easy-to-read style. Through the life story of its author, it presents the world of spirituality, which although is concealed to our eyes, represents the essence of our human experiences. I enjoyed reading it immensely, recognised many a deep (sometimes surprising) truth, and occasionally asked myself, “Is this really possible”, other times it brought tears to my eyes. I definitely recommend it!